Trade is More Than Simple Competitive Advantage

Is free trade synonymous with competitive advantage? Is a country who is positioned itself to trade with another country in the most unilaterally advantageous fashion, merely exercising what in macro economics is referred to as competitive advantage? Milton Friedman, a staunch advocate for free trade stated in an a column for Newsweek Magazine over 20Continue reading “Trade is More Than Simple Competitive Advantage”

An Imaginary Journey Through the Day of the Dead

I hear a car door close nearby and I look up to see a man step out of his car, who is greeted by another man with a snapping ‘bro’ handshake, who says, “lente oscuro, mariguano seguro.” This disrupts my moment of silence because I don’t laugh but find it cognitively humorous. I see aContinue reading “An Imaginary Journey Through the Day of the Dead”

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